Why Your Skin Needs Natural Ingredients

Why Your Skin Needs Natural Ingredients

Over the years we have been led to believe using synthetic formulas and chemicals on our skin, via our daily skincare routine will help prevent ageing, give our skin a youthful natural glow, prevent wrinkles, re-hydrate, banish blemishes … the list goes on for all the things we “need to fix”.

If you are conscious of what you use on your skin and how your favourite products are made, then read on for our 5 reasons why your skin needs natural ingredients!

  1. Your body is more than “you are what you eat”

    Pretty sure you’ve heard that saying before, but it doesn’t just apply to what you have for breakfast! What you put on your skin matters too. Skin products don’t just sit on top - your skin absorbs it through to your bloodstream. You wouldn’t willingly eat a bunch of chemicals, so why would you use them on your skin? Toxic chemicals like Parabens and Petrochemicals do not provide any benefit to your body, however natural ingredients like, Vitamin E, Kakadu Plum, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter are full of antioxidants and vitamins and are more likely to assist in ageing, dehydration and protection against oxidative damage.

    Palm Beach Body Co. has a range of natural body products from Body Oil, Whipped Soap and Coffee Scrub that your skin will love to soak up!
  2. Detox your Skin!

    Our skin is our largest organ, it is exposed daily to hundreds of toxins and chemicals through cosmetics, perfumes and hair products. So what we use on a daily basis should be nourishing and assist in healing and regeneration. Our body has a very effective detoxification system, however it can become overloaded if we don’t consider what we use daily. Natural products can assist your body in filtering out impurities - you may even start to see blemish free, softer, brighter skin!
  3. Eco-Friendly, Vegan and Animal Friendly

    Natural ingredients have a lower impact on the environment - either in production or how you use them. Synthetic formulas are petroleum based - which we know have the potential to be harmful to animals and plants, not just our skin. Something as simple as having a shower with your scented soapy body wash and watching the suds slide down the drain, can have an impact on our environment. Vegan products also contain a lot less ingredients, which are all-natural and are cruelty free to our furry friends. Winning!
  4. Smell good all day - naturally!

    Synthetic fragrances are made from petrochemicals and it is important to understand that these chemicals can mimic your natural hormones and disrupt your endocrine system. Try to reduce your usage of chemical fragrances in your skincare and replace them with products that contain essential oils. When mixed with Jojoba or Coconut Oil and applied to your pulse points, you can create a natural body fragrance without all the chemicals or better still, light your favourite soy wax candle mixed with essential oils to calm your mind and bring a fresh scent to your space at either home or your office.

    Our Premium Soy Wax candles at Palm Beach Body Co. are hand poured and scented with intoxicating fragrances that are soothing and the natural scent can bring harmony to your heart and home.
  5. Get your natural, bronzed glow on!

    We all know the benefits of self tanning products - we are extremely educated on the impact of UV radiation to our skin - from skin damage and visible aging through to skin cancer.
    Applying your self tan is simple, there are many different formulas on the market to suit each skin type and preference. You want to look for a tanning product that includes natural ingredients like Rosehip Oil and Coconut Oil that will give serious hydration to your skin and extend the life of your tan. The light coconut aroma from the oil is a pleasing, fresh scent - not like the weird, long lingering smell from self tanning products of the past!

    Palm Beach Body Co. have over 12 years in the tanning industry and have perfected their own winning tanning formula: Tanning Mousse.

Your skin deserves the best. Look for ingredients that will improve your skin's appearance, make you feel luxe when applied and have you smell amazing! And of course, be conscious of the harmful effects synthetic products have on our environment, not just our land but the animals that live there too.

Palm Beach Body Co. was born out of inspiration for our natural environment - the colours of sunsets and pristine beaches of our home in Palm Beach, Gold Coast.

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