The Best Way To Tan

The Best Way To Tan

Were you a victim of self tanning in the 90’s? Strutting off to the beach in your “natural” orange glow? Trying to apply without looking streaky was difficult enough, but trying to hide the chemical smell was near to impossible! You could try to convince yourself that you had achieved a natural glow while on holiday, but I think your girlfriends knew how “real” your tan was! Your hands may have been the give away!

Well, thankfully we can shut the door on self tanning in the early 90’s! We have moved on and so has the technology that can literally give us a natural bronzed glow, with no streaks and NO chemical SMELL! Palm Beach Body Co. have used their years of experience within the tanning industry and developed their own tanning mousse which will give you an all-year-round bronzed glow… and will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling all nice and coconutty.

Our Tanning mousse is full of skin moisturising oils, like Coconut, Avocado and Rosehip, so it is super hydrating and will help your skin retain it’s tan for that little bit longer. While our tan is going to help your skin stay soft, we have listed our top tips in skin prep so your tan will keep its bronzed glow for just that bit longer…

  1. Do All The Things First !

    We don’t only mean shave or wax your legs, we also mean get your pedicure, haircut and colour, even your eyebrow tint! All of these products can interact with your tan and ruin your result. So book all your beauty regimes in before you start to prep your self tan.
  2. Exfoliate !

    Your skin needs to be smooth to allow your tan to dry evenly. Rough, dry skin will give your tan a patchy appearance, leaving some areas darker than others. We suggest you use a body scrub to slough away dry skin, focussing on your knees, elbows and ankles. You want to remove dead, dull skin - we do recommend using a product that doesn’t leave behind any residue as you will need your skin to be clean and product-free to allow the tan to develop evenly.
  3. Dry Off !

    After showering and exfoliating, allow your body to dry off completely - you need to be 100% dry! Water residue will dilute the tan - leaving you with the dreaded streaks!
  4. Start Tanning !

    We are biased, and will wholeheartedly suggest you grab for Palm Beach Body Co.’s Self Tanning Mousse! Once you have your chosen tanning product, we also suggest you have a self tan applicator handy - like the Palm Beach Body Co.’s tanning applicator mitt.

    Our tan is pretty easy to apply - just dispense onto your mitt, and start from the bottom of your legs and move upwards with long even strokes to the rest of your body. The mitt is helpful in reaching over your shoulders for your back and in blending the tan over your face and neck. Be sure to skim over your knees and elbows and tan your feet and hands with the residue of tanning solution left over on your mitt.

    Our tanning mousse is quick to dry - usually in around 1 hour and subtly scented with coconut oil, so you won’t be sticky or smelly for hours after. We do recommend keeping your tan as dry as possible for up to 6 hours or even overnight to enhance your tan.
  5. Moisturise !

    After you have tanned, we recommend you take a very small amount of body cream and blend over your wrists, heels and ankles; anywhere there are natural creases in your skin - to assist in a natural seamless result of your tan.

    Remember to keep your tan dry for up to 6 hours, after then you can shower or exercise and remember to daily moisturise your entire body with Palm Beach Body Co. Body Cream. Our super hydrating formula is made with cocoa butter and will keep your tan looking fresh and your skin smooth.
  6. Erase !

    After your tan has dried, you may see little patches or lines that make your tan obvious. Palm Beach Body Co. has developed our very own Tan Eraser, which will remove any tanning mistakes instantly! You can also use this product to completely remove your tan once it starts to fade, or if you have a build-up of tan from a few applications. Has to beat scrubbing your skin raw to remove old tan, right?!

Ready to Tan? Check out our Palm Beach Body Co. Self Tanning Mousse and get tanning today!

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