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Cleanse First OR Scrub First?

Its the question that I have battled with for years... Some say, scrub first some say cleanse first. So which one is it? 

After coming up with my own range of Body Scrubs, I decided I had to play around a bit with each and decide for myself, but before I tell you what I landed on, here are some things to consider:

Cleanse Before Scrub

So cleansing first obviously helps with removing dirt, make up sweat, basically anything that has built up on your skin during the day. Once you've done this with a good cleanser, it gives you a "clean slate" I guess to go ahead and start the rest of your beauty regime with. It also allows a base for your exfoliant to do a good job in removing unwanted dead skin cells so that your skin will be ready for your serum, oil or moisturiser. 

Exfoliate Before Cleansing

Using your scrub first can remove any residue, dirt and dead skin cells from your skins surface of course, and then cleansing will wash those all away, as well as washing away your scrub. Once again it will leave the skin clean, fresh and prepped for the application of your favourite moisturiser, serum or oil. 

My Choice

I felt like I had been doing this wrong my whole life, I used to scrub then cleanse, but what I know now is that there is no right or wrong way to do this, it is trial and error and what feels better for you. 

I did find that if I cleansed and then exfoliated, I found myself doing it twice. So for me personally, I like to wash with my Whipped Soap and then I like to exfoliate with one of my Sugar Scrubs (coming back the website shortly). 

I also liked the "good for my skin" oils that were left behind on my skin after using a sugar scrub, I like to massage those into my skin when I get out of the shower. 

So as you can see it depends on personal preference, no right or wrong way, totally up to you babe! 

All I can say is, your skin will Thank You more for doing both, remember exfoliating once or twice a week helps the skin to reproduce new skin cells leaving a younger looking, fresher more even skin tone. 

Get Scrubbing! 



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