Cleanse First OR Scrub First?

Its the question that I have battled with for years... Some say, scrub first some say cleanse first. So which one is it?  After coming up with my own range of Body Scrubs, I decided I had to play around a bit with each and decide for myself, but before I tell you what I landed on, here are some things to consider: Cleanse Before Scrub So cleansing first obviously helps with removing dirt, make up sweat, basically anything that has built up on your skin during the day. Once you've done this with a good cleanser, it gives you a "clean slate" I guess to go ahead and start the rest of your beauty regime with. It also allows...

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Why Your Skin Needs Natural Ingredients

Over the years we have been led to believe using synthetic formulas and chemicals on our skin, via our daily skincare routine will help prevent ageing, give our skin a youthful natural glow, prevent wrinkles, re-hydrate, banish blemishes … the list goes on for all the things we “need to fix”. If you are conscious of what you use on your skin and how your favourite products are made, then read on for our 5 reasons why your skin needs natural ingredients! Your body is more than “you are what you eat” Pretty sure you’ve heard that saying before, but it doesn’t just apply to what you have for breakfast! What you put on your skin matters too. Skin products...

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The Best Way To Tan

Were you a victim of self tanning in the 90’s? Strutting off to the beach in your “natural” orange glow? Trying to apply without looking streaky was difficult enough, but trying to hide the chemical smell was near to impossible! You could try to convince yourself that you had achieved a natural glow while on holiday, but I think your girlfriends knew how “real” your tan was! Your hands may have been the give away! Well, thankfully we can shut the door on self tanning in the early 90’s! We have moved on and so has the technology that can literally give us a natural bronzed glow, with no streaks and NO chemical SMELL! Palm Beach Body Co. have used...

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